Reinventing maritime transport: The rise of autonomous vessels

The maritime industry has witnessed seismic technological disruption in the past decade, with process digitalization and automation of select operations helping improve transparency and logistics efficiency. Aside from disrupting back-end operations, automation is now increasingly relevant at the port terminals and on container vessels.     The growth of trade across

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The Future of the TMS

Over the past three decades, TMSes have evolved beyond the management of shipments to encompass many more processes and bring shippers, intermediaries, and carriers closer together. TMSes that began their lives as relatively siloed, on-premise platforms requiring large amounts of manual data entry are now connected via API to shipper

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Warehousing of the future automated, on demand and data conscious

The COVID-19 outbreak has doused global supply chains in cold water, with disruptions of declining supply followed by demand contraction forcing stakeholders to revise their logistics strategies, including sourcing, inventory management and distribution.  Luckily supply chains had gradually been shoring up to change over the last decade, brought about by

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Auto cybersecurity practices are woefully inadequate and in desperate need of regulation

As connected vehicles increasingly become mainstream, the importance of cybersecurity within the automotive space grows. Connected vehicles link to the cloud in real time, and this wireless communication exposes the vehicle to cyberattackers who can subvert the vehicles’ operations and gain illegal control. Such possibilities have resulted in the immediate

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Blockchain in supply chains: a magic cure-all or a lot of work?

While the COVID-19 crisis has led to an abrupt meltdown of major economies, globalization and rapidly evolving consumer behavior ensured the unmitigated expansion of cross-border trade for roughly a decade. Businesses in North America – like retail or electronics – increasingly looked to move their sourcing operations to China and

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Freight Broker Technology Update

Venture capital money has flooded into the transportation sector for the past five years. Whether its visibility, digital freight matching or payment systems, there are many companies battling for market share. We surveyed brokers about their technology usage, and analyzed recent trends in freight tech to craft an update on the

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Freight matching apps by market share

In this white paper, the Freight Intel Group surveyed hundreds of owner operators and small carriers to better understand their opinion of the various digital freight brokers to gain insight into their respective market shares. For venture capital-backed app-based freight brokerages, the market has turned into a duopoly. Both Uber

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What are digital freight brokers worth?

In just a few short years, DFBs have grown exponentially, raising the specter of whether they represent a material threat to traditional freight brokers. Due to the DFBs’ rapidly growing gross revenues (even though their net revenue base is likely quite small), their collective valuation has reached well into the

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