The Passport team seeks to empower clients to make data-driven decisions supported by research, expert analysis and regular communication.


The Passport team is dedicated to the advancement of industry knowledge and logistics education. They weave expert commentary, qualitative information from industry channel checks and FreightWaves SONAR data sets centered on freight market supply, demand and rates into products unavailable anywhere else.

In addition to in-depth analysis of key topics, Passport clients receive the latest news and trends in transportation as well as timely updates on current events in freight. Subscribers also receive the latest on freight tech, warehouse automation, precision scheduled railroading, the economy, global trade and other topics that impact the world of freight. The Passport research team uses methods most commonly offered by Wall Street banks and market research firms to help educate members.

Passport’s transportation and logistics research takes clients beyond the headlines to understand the fundamentals of multi-modal freight markets, including highway, rail, air and ocean.

Clients – including trucking carriers, 3PLs, airlines, insurance providers, original equipment manufacturers, technology companies and financial institutions – rely on Passport research to coordinate messaging, identify inflection points and make strategic decisions.

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FreightWaves Passport is uniquely designed to deepen your industry knowledge and further develop your business strategy. The FreightWaves team of research analysts uses a variety of surveys and data modeling to develop proprietary information across specific modes of transportation, tailored specifically to C-suite level executives.