Carrier Outlook

Q2 2020 Carrier Outlook: The worst is ahead

The second quarter may prove the toughest in recent history. GDP estimates vary greatly, but all point to a very weak economic environment as long as we do not have COVID-19 contained. We are likely months away from consumers regaining confidence and returning to pre-crisis spending levels. Until then, we

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Q1 2020 Carrier Outlook

Carriers have no clue where loads and line-haul rates are heading in the first quarter of 2020. The outlook for load volumes is split evenly between higher, lower and sideways, with one-third of carriers choosing each.  The story is much the same for line-haul rates. While it is not a

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Q2 Carrier Outlook: Still seeing the positives

The initial project form the Freight Intel Group surveyed hundreds of carriers to gauge their sentiment for 2019. Forty percent of small fleets still believe 2019 line-haul rates will surpass those seen in the second half of 2018, while another 20% expect rates to be comparable to those in 2018.

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