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Transportation Liquidity and Credit Analysis in a COVID19 Driven Recession

When the financial markets come under stress and the U.S. enters a recession, creditanalysis always comes back to the forefront and is the most important considerationof investors. This is where we find ourselves now in the aftermath of COVID-19becoming a global pandemic that has effectively shut down much of the

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Q2 2020 Freight Market Outlook

The end of the first quarter will be characterized as a freight frenzy in which volumes surged 30% and capacity quickly tightened to the tune of OTRI nearly reaching 20%. To start Q2, volumes are well below "normal levels" and capacity is extremely loose. Unfortunately, we do not feel we

By |April 22nd, 2020|Freight Market Outlook|

Q2 2020 Carrier Outlook: The worst is ahead

The second quarter may prove the toughest in recent history. GDP estimates vary greatly, but all point to a very weak economic environment as long as we do not have COVID-19 contained. We are likely months away from consumers regaining confidence and returning to pre-crisis spending levels. Until then, we

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Freight Broker Technology Update

Venture capital money has flooded into the transportation sector for the past five years. Whether its visibility, digital freight matching or payment systems, there are many companies battling for market share. We surveyed brokers about their technology usage, and analyzed recent trends in freight tech to craft an update on the

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Freight Broker Earnings Update: Fourth Quarter 2019

In an update to our previous report Broker Performance Through the Cycle, we update our broker model with the recently released fourth quarter data released by the public freight brokerages. Publicly traded brokers that have reported thus far saw revenue contract by 13.3% on average and gross margins compressed by 266 basis

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The true cost of detention time

Detention time is a growing problem and is costing carriers billions by delaying their return to the road. In this whitepaper, we describe why detention is such a big issue, outline potential ways to solve it, calculate its opportunity cost and analyze the findings from our detention survey from carriers.

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Are nuclear verdicts out of control?

Nuclear verdicts have been a growing phenomenon in trucking over the past several years, and the pressure on carriers from rising insurance premiums appears to have no end in sight. The key is how to stay out of court. In this white paper we identify the strategies of plaintiffs’ and

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Q1 2020 Carrier Outlook

Carriers have no clue where loads and line-haul rates are heading in the first quarter of 2020. The outlook for load volumes is split evenly between higher, lower and sideways, with one-third of carriers choosing each.  The story is much the same for line-haul rates. While it is not a

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Weekend and holiday driving survey

FreightWaves surveyed hundreds of carriers to learn more about their weekend and holiday driving habits, hours of service utilization and the factors that affect their weekly drive time. Almost 40% of carriers surveyed said their drivers operate every weekend, followed by about 30% of carriers saying they operate one weekend

By |December 6th, 2019|Trucking|

2019 Freight broker outlook: Where are we in the cycle

FreightWaves surveyed 405 freight brokers via email to get a sense of their expectations for several freight market indicators for the next three to six months. This is the second quarterly survey of brokers. The first survey was conducted in August and included 160 respondents. Read the full report here

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Flatbed carriers and the spot and contract markets

At the beginning of October, FreightWaves commissioned CarrierLists to conduct a survey to gauge the flatbed market changes for that month. The results collected showed that carriers are mostly experiencing an increase in loads, seen in the figure below. Almost 60% carriers cited that they had more loads booked for

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Freight broker performance across the cycle

In general, freight brokerages perform best during periods of supply disruption and when there is volatility in the market. Freight brokers’ gross margins (i.e. net revenue margins) typically expand when the truckload market is loosening and spot rates are falling. Conversely, freight brokers’ gross margins typically compress when the truckload

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Freight matching apps by market share

In this white paper, the Freight Intel Group surveyed hundreds of owner operators and small carriers to better understand their opinion of the various digital freight brokers to gain insight into their respective market shares. For venture capital-backed app-based freight brokerages, the market has turned into a duopoly. Both Uber

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2019 FreightWaves & Women in Trucking Association survey

FreightWaves partnered with WIT to complete this year’s survey. It was conducted via email to FreightWaves’ readers, garnering 884 responses from across the logistics industry. The majority of responses came from carriers and freight brokerages, but shippers and freight tech companies also responded. Women now make up over 10% of

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