When Passport was launched early in 2020, there were plans to hold Passport members-only side events at FreightWaves LIVE events. In addition, Passport members were scheduled to receive discounted tickets to these events. 

Unfortunately, the global pandemic changed these plans (as so many other plans were changed). All FreightWaves events went virtual earlier this year and many more events were added to the schedule. Because the events are virtual, they are free to attend.

However, Passport members have had (and do have) the opportunity to demo technology solutions and/or sponsor any of these events at a reduced price.

If and when FreightWaves is able to once again sponsor in-person events, Passport members will receive discounts on registration fees.

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FreightWaves Passport is uniquely designed to deepen your industry knowledge and further develop your business strategy. The FreightWaves team of research analysts uses a variety of surveys and data modeling to develop proprietary information across specific modes of transportation, tailored specifically to C-suite level executives.